Grand Endeavour #1 - Updated

Albion Online - One man vs Florida

The first endeavour of the website – this all started when Albion announced a fresh start server shortly after I showed renewed interest in the game. It was a beautiful plan, and I’m leaving the original premise up.

First off, the new server is in Singapore. This is the best news ever if you live in the far East, but not the best news as a resident of the US of A. With a nifty VPN (ExitLag, not sponsored yet but would totally take your money. Call me.) we can knock that ping down to 180, but it’s not optimal. Second, the new server is in Singapore, which means the only English speaking group who SHOULD be playing it are the residents of England’s favorite island gone rogue, the island of spiders and convenient video game release windows. As much of a fan as I am of Australia, I have trouble playing with my monitor upside down so finding a good guild could be tough.

The solution is to pretend I wanted that all along. G e n i u s.

The Limitations

Alright, what's the damage? And why is it different?

No guild (Now)

While there may be a guild for shuttling items between alts where necessary, there shouldn’t be an actual guild for assistance from other players. This plan got scrapped on Asia as I found a group I liked and wanted to help at launch. Any restrictions I placed on myself would have harmed them as well during the opening scramble. I’m re-committing to this, though I’m doing so on the US server this time.

All specs 120 (or 100)

All specialization nodes need to be maxed. All applicable ones to 120, including the 20 prestige levels, and all others to 100. This includes farming – you may start to see why alts are allowed for this challenge, as without them this would probably take upwards of 10 years to do legitimately. You may also start to see why “no auto-respec” is such a problem. Levels 101-120 can ONLY be paid for in fame credits, and I’ve deliberately crippled the rate at which I can earn those. Whoops.

No auto-respec and no learning points

For those not in the know, when you get a mastery tree to max some of the fame you earn gets turned into a nifty currency you can spend on other experience nodes. If you spend silver, you can convert to this currency 4x faster. To stick it to the man, we won’t be putting any silver back into the system. F— your silver drains, all my homies love rampant economic inflation. We’re also not going to use any non-bound Tomes of Insight. If it can be sold, it’ll be sold.

Also no learning points. Yes, I know that’s going to make gathering hell. This is just to trigger anyone who looks at this challenge, really. Imagine posting a completion picture set and unveiling a whole year of completely untouched learning points.

Death to the Guard

Originally this was about a group named Varangian Guards that were more than a little toxic during beta. We did in fact knock out a few of them in back alleys and Mists, which was more entertaining than not. I have no grudges against US guilds (YET), but would be cool to document any big name players who suicide somewhere on my screen. Perhaps one day I’ll even be the reason they die.

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