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Making already questionable situations actively worse since 2023

Born out of a love of self-inflicted masochism many years in the making and the accidental accrual of an extra web hosting slot, this site chronicles my descent into madness and a set of decisions that at best could be considered poor and at worst should be labeled complicated methods of self-destruction.

Given my unfortunate combination of extremely poor planning, goal ADHD, and desire for clearly unattainable quests there’s a decent chance many goals won’t be reached. I don’t plan to successfully climb the local rock wall, I’d much rather die walking up Mt Everest on my hands out of spite if nothing else. For those lucky few who stumble across this website and possess the morbid curiosity to investigate further, I hope my pain brings you some entertainment, regardless of my journey’s outcome. I’m out here making the stupid decisions so you don’t have to.